Dutchy Flower

Dutchy flower provides the perfect experience for the consumer who wants to hang out with friends, have a good time and share quality cannabis. Sold in a variety of WA state locations, Dutchy’s flower popularity has grown with smooth strains including Cinex, Dutch Treat, and Blue Cheese. With just the right amount of THC to enhance a social event, but not overwhelm it, Dutchy is the ideal brand to pass to the left.

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Quality WA state flower, made for sharing.

It has small, clover-like leaves composed of three leaflets attached to very fine stems. Probably the most striking feature of this plant are its tiny, clusters of bright yellow flowers that begin to appear in early summer and continue until a hard freeze kills the plant. After the flowers fade, clusters of nearly black fruit develop in their place, each one containing a single seed. While black medic is usually an annual plant, it can sometimes be a short-lived perennial as well.


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