With a cross of pure, legendary land-race Sativa genetics, M2 is the ultimate Sativa high reminiscent of the legendary landrace Sativas of the 60s and 70s. It is a perfect example of what a Sativa is supposed to feel like – energizing, social and intensely euphoric with no anxiety that is sometimes found in pure Sativas. M2 is perfect for the old-timers that miss those unmistakable, unique effects of the classic Sativas and for younger users that have not experienced the profound, blissful euphoria usually only found in landrace Sativas.



Top-quality Elev8 Seeds for sale from potbaileys.com. We carry the best variety of marijuana seeds available to buy.

Our online seed bank catalog of cannabis seeds includes a wide range of feminized seeds and regular strains.  We carry the highly-potent Gorilla Glue.  Tangerine Cookies tested at 5.5% terpenes and 28.87% THC


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