Wholesale Marijuana Cannabis Company

USA: +1 443 563 1322

UK: +44 79 30 638 845

Email: support@potbaileys.com

Pot Baileys’s wholesale products:

Purchasing our products wholesale saves companies money with this strategy:


Wholesale shops purchase items in bulk from the producers directly at a discounted price. Resellers can purchase the quantities they need of certain products, from our wholesale shop at a cheaper rate than if they bought that smaller order. This allows the resellers to lower their prices to stay competitive in the market while still making the same profit, or more, on the products.


Buying from a our USA  wholesale company frees up time from cannabis shop owners, who were spending all hours of the night searching literally all over the world for the best prices on products, and also ensures shipment of high-quality products that weren’t always guaranteed coming from other countries. Wholesale distributors do the upfront work, buy the best items in bulk, and everybody (the producer, the cannabis shop, and the customer) wins in the transaction.


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